Download: New zBlock 4.6 RC 1 released


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zBlock Changelog from 4.6 Beta to 4.6 RC 1

-Added „zb_beta_tagging 2“ (Classic mode) which increases the tagging effect.

-Added „zb_force_dx“ (Warmode Only, Default: 0 – Disabled)
When set to „1“ players must use a DirectX9 video mode (resolves ambient occlusion issues).
When set to „2“ players must use a DirectX8 video mode (stronger flashbang effect).

-When using „zb_record“ zBlock will look for a directory named „zb_demos“ or „demos“ in the game-server’s root directory, if it exists demos will be saved to that location.

-Renamed „zb_beta_illegaldefusefix“ to „zb_illegaldefusefix“.

-Renamed „zb_beta_antiflash“ to „zb_antiflash“.

-Fixed ‚random‘ crashes when using „zb_illegaldefusefix“.

-Illegal defuse fix now works consistently and on maps where it previously didn’t appear to work correctly.
(If you experience problems with defusing through objects, if you could send us the map name and a single screenshot that would be greatly appreciated).

-Fixed players being removed for „mat_fullbright“ cvar violations on maps where this value is set legitimately.

-„zb_removals“ no longer removes the wood planks in the „de_inferno“ apartments.

-Resolved an issue where all players on the server were being kicked for a „Code 2“ error, this was caused when running certain plugins.

-„net_graph“ values greater than „1“ are allowed again when „zb_warmode“ is disabled.

-Lots of code changes to reduce the module file-size.

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