Download: JungleFlasher v0.1.79 Beta (208)


Hier der Neue Jungleflasher v0.1.79 Beta für die unterstützung der Pogo Mo Thoin Methode!

PhatKey support
Support for Lite-On key extraction, Using Pógó Mo Thóin DIY probe or Xecuter Probe III.
Thanks to Maximus & Co for the un-released original Concept.

Hitachi Support
Gui changes in Hitachi::Drive area.
[Refresh] in Winapi no longer scans for new hardware
[Scan] added to scan for new hardware separately
[Remove] removed, but added to context menu for convienence
JF will accept system message about new drives added, JF will auto refresh list for new ODD.

x360USB Support
Initial support for x360USB added – More to follow at release
LibUSB is required, if you dont have LibUSB installed, LibUSB0.dll is required to run JF. Correct file is included and should be copied to JF folder if needed.

PortIO and other DLL’s
We followed schtroms lead and embbed the Portio .sys files to load from temp folder. Other required DLL’s have been embedded also. For those using Test signed drivers in x64, PortIO load function checks JF folder for existing files and uses those if present.

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