Call of Duty: Black Ops – Waffen via Downloadable Content?

Call of Duty

Die Spekulationen rund um Call of Duty: Black Ops reißen nicht ab. So wird auch im offiziellen Forum darüber spekuliert, was es eigentlich als DLC für Black Ops geben könnte. Der User SilverGrape78 fragte ob es Waffenpakete als Downloadable Content geben werde und er bekahm promt Antwort von Treyarch Entwickler David „Vahn“ Vonderhaar.

Fassen wir seine Antwort kurz zusammen: Gerne würde man Waffenpakete anbieten und denke darüber nach. Aber da alle Waffen geladen werden, sobald man das Spiel startet, gerät man so an die Grenzen der Engine. Es ist seitens Treyarch auch nicht gewollt, dadurch die Rechenleistung „auffressen“ zu lassen. Infolge dessen, wird es aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach, erstmal keine Waffenpakete via DLC geben.

Hier noch die Originalkonversation:


Since nothing has been planned or confirmed yet for DLC, i was thinking why not make DLC gun packs?

David „Vahn“ Vonderhaar:

This is something we have always wanted to do. But let be as frank about it as possible. Their are two key reasons why this doesn’t happen very often.
It’s hard to do. Guns take up a lot of memory. A lot. And we have to load all of them, all of the time since at any point in the game any player can have any weapon with any customization on it.
We do all sorts of tricks (texture streaming, image compression, texture re-use, shaders, more) to try and minimize the memory requirements.
It’s a chicken and egg problem, however.
The guns need to look as hot as possible, especially in first person, since you are holding the thing in front of you the entire time you play.
You (the proverbial you) also expect lots of weapons to be available.
You (the colloquial you) also want lots of attachments and customization options for all those weapons.
This adds up to… ready? Not enough memory. We quite literally use every piece of memory available to us on the consoles.
Not everyone buys the DLC. Yet, everyone would need the gun.
You can’t have a player population that some have the weapon and some do not, or you would never be able to play with anyone that doesn’t have the same DLC as you.
You’d have to do all sorts of crazy UI to explain why a gun you selected is not available in a certain match. Perhaps disabling it from Create a Class.
Alternatively, as you suggest, you’d have to put the gun in a mandatory Title Update that everyone gets, but only those that bought the DLC get to use. That’s a certain invitation for the hacker types.
Bottom line. It’s a good idea. We want to do it. Our lead programmer “Yer” is on a mission to find a way to make this happen, yet the road to success is paved with insanity.
No promises. But know that your vision is shared by others who are in key positions to push the agenda forward.
David ‘Vahn’ Vonderhaar

Es bleibt also abzuwarten, was uns Treyarch als Downloadable Content anbieten wird. Was würdet ihr euch wünschen?


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