Xbox360 Download – Commander, Xtaf Gui, FT Devkit, USB FATX


XBox 360 Commander rev 19

[download id=“106″]

popup menu for right click
new folder, delete, rename, extract
tree now shows drive model name
fixed a bug in the check hard drive.

Xtaf Explorer Gui

[download id=“107″]

This is new version of the GUI injecting, extracting, renaming, deleting is working

It will be buggy, but tell me what you think abaut it.
Log is not working atm.

360 Flash Tool Devkit Edition

[download id=“108″]

So whats supported?
– Extract SMC.
– Extract SB/SC/SD/SE Sections.
– Decompress HV/Kernel images.
– Extract KV (If you have the correct CPU key)
– Extract filesystem.

So basicly you get a few decrypted bootloaders a HV/Kernel and the FlashFS files. Neat huh?

USB FATX Explorer

[download id=“109″]

Explore and Extract 1gb and less images straight from the drive.
Create an image up to 16 gb and explore and extract.

If your drive is over 1gb, create an image and you can open and extract from it.

I want to see how you guys like it, if all is good I will continue to update.

1 known bug.
One of my testers reported a random occurrence where the app crashed when creating an image. Couldn’t get it to do it in my debugger so has been ignored until I can get it to do it on my PC.

Full FATX Control, overwrite, add, remove, etc.
Restore an image to a USB image.
other things that I cant think of atm.

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