Download BFBC2 Config Editor 1.1


FioPro’s Battlefield Bad Company 2 Config Editor

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I started creating this little tweaker when i first saw some other BFBC2 tweakers out there. I thought to myself, why not create a better one (as I noticed flaws in some). I know my program isn’t perfect, but I’ll try and do my best and update the program with new features. I hope the program is user-friendly and easy-to-use. Your support is much appreciated.
Anyway, here’s what you can do with the program:
– load your BC2 .ini files and easily change lots of options
– save after you’re done adjusting to your satisfaction
– create and restore backups of .ini files
– launch the game
More features will be added!

Clanmates, who helped me with testing and publishing.
Luka Mikec, for his technical advices.

Program requires no installation wizard, just copy FPBC2C.exe wherever you want and run it!
Note that program will create appdata.txt file in the same folder where the .exe file is.

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