Download AutoBalancer BFBC2 by Crispy


Download Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Autobalancer by Crispy

Version 1.2
[download id=“99″]

Changelog v1.2 (05.04.2010 19:34):
– added a penalty system. Read readme.txt to get further

Changelog v1.12 (05.04.2010 15:26):
– switched back to normal kick instead of pbKick for balancer kicks
due to many servers do not running PunkBuster
– only yell to admins that are online (Admin messages)

Changelog v1.11 (05.04.2010 12:37):
– added pbKickReason option in settings.ini
– redesigned reconnect mechanism
– reinitialization and reconnect if packet queue longer than 20

Changelog v1.1 (05.04.2010 00:13):
– now using pb_sv_kick with reason for balancer kick’s. If
you don’t have PunkBuster activated yet, DO IT NOW! I will not
support servers without punktbuster support further on.
– added several ingamecommand: !say !kick, !pbkick, !ban, !pban
and !nextmap. Read the readme.txt to get further informations.
– ingamecommands can now be edited in settings.ini. If you dont
like „!kick“, just specify your own alias, for instance „!mykick“
or „%kick“. This can help if you are also using other admin tools.
– playernames for ingamecommand can now be specified by substrings
of the playername. For instance: type „!kick ispy“ to kick a
player named „Crispy“. The command will only succseed if the
substring does match a playername uniquely.
– fixed a crash bug

Changelog v1.0 (02.04.2010 18:16):
– added option notifiedOnlyStackedTeam. If this option is set
to 1 only the bigger team will be notified by balancer
messages. This option is set to 1 by default.
– added options: showKillMessages, showOnJoinMessages,
showOnLeaveMessages, showChatMessages to switch on/off console
– splitted up the log file to several log files
– fixed another little deadlock problem which i overlooked
at v0.9. The deadlock bug is finaly fixed!
– disabled all debug messages.
– The WTJ Autokick feature is now tested and activated by default

known bug: It seems that there is a playername that can cause
a crash, but i had no chance to find this bug till now. I had this
bug only once. If it crashes and you restart the balancer, it will
crash intermediately until the player left the server. If you get
this problem, plz try to find out, which playername cause the problem.
Another possibility is, that the server sends a wrong serverlist
and this cause the crash (null pointer exception)!?

Changelog v0.9 beta (01.04.2010 21:57):
– next round of trying to solve the deadlock bug
but I’am very confident that i got it now
– added a space after the tag ([AUTOBALANCER] or custom)
– added useMessage4 option to switch on/off the „Have Fun“
– message3 it now editable (You are a lucker…) (this message
appears when a player got warned to get kicked
and the teams are balanced in the meantime)
– auto disable the server sided autoBalance if
balanceSwitchedPlayers = 1 is used

Changelog v0.7 beta (27.03.2010 02:24):
– added WTJAutokick feature (take a look at settings.ini
it sould be pretty self-explanatory). But I warn you, i got
no chance to test this feature. If you got any problems,
set wtjAutoWarnAndKick = 0 (this is the default value) or
go back to version 0.6! A WTJKicKTask is displacing the
Balancer taks, that means, if there is a WTJ and
wtjAutoWarnAndKick = 1, only a WTJKick/WTJWarn task will
start and not a balancer task!
– finaly the deadlock problem should be solved… I really
hope so.
– player stats will now reset on a new round/mapchange

Changelog v0.61 beta (25.03.2010 20:03):
– removed the hard coded [AUTOBALANCER] tag. It’s now
editable in the settings.ini set a value:

Changelog v0.6 beta (25.03.2010 14:22):
– added a afterJoinCounter counter. If a new player joins
and he is the disbalancing player the balancer will wait
x seconds and than starts to warn the player
This prevents an instand kick of new joined players
default value is 60
– set updateTime limit to 29sec
– now just one kickTask can run at the same time and the
balancer will wait until it is closed. This may
help to solve the deadlock problem!?

Changelog v0.51 beta (25.03.2010 03:13):
– BFBCAB now executable on wine

Changelog v0.5 beta (24.03.2010 17:50):
– new option: balanceSwitchedPlayers = 0/1
if balanceSwitchedPlayers = 1 the balancer will
also chose players which switched already at least once!
Switch off the serversided TeamBlance und every
player is able to switch unlimited times
– command @kicklastswitched is working now
– added command: @start // starts the balancer
– added command: @stop // stops the balancer
– hopefully fixed the deadlock problem…plz report!
– sending version number to masterserver to show
it on serverlist (if publishServer = 1)
– sending a timestamp of last succsessful playerlist update
to monitor the deadlock problem.(if publishServer = 1)

Changelog v0.4 beta (23.03.2010 13:06):
– fixed a bug in serverPublisher module
– fixed the @kicklast command
– chat messages get logged correctly now
– added a 4 second counter to prevent to execute
an issued command twice (if you issue @kicklast
you have to wait 4 seconds before you can issue
@kicklast again.)
– some stability optimizations

Changelog v0.3 beta (23.03.2010 02:24):
– added auto reconnect ability
– Balancer messages and message duration times are editable now
– new settings option: printBalancerInfo
– new settings option: publishServer (if publishServer is
1 the servername, gamemode, number of players and map
will be send to the masterserver to publish a list of servers
which are Autobalanced (serverlist comming soon!))
– some stability optimizations

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