Hitachi iXtreme 1.51 Download


  Hitachi iXtreme 1.51 (3,4 MiB, OpenSUSE, 1.270 hits )

Hitachi iXtreme 1.51

TEAM JUNGLE Presents IXtreme 1.51 firmware for all drives
IXtreme fw for all drives!


Wave X support

– Support of future Waves of X360 game disc structures. New partition sizes and video data will be automatically supported and will be allowed to boot.
– This represents a possibility of booting a bad backup but now that there is some good tools out there (like abgx360) to check your backups before you boot them, the risk is small.
– So please check your backups to ensure consistency with the original!

– Full support to flash all drives in the new Jungleflasher (0.1.51) including easy upgrade for Liteon iX1.5 drives (WIll get all info inc key from drive over SATA)

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