Download – Teamspeak 3 beta7 & 8



[download id=“50,51,55,56″]


[download id=“47,48,52,53″]


[download id=“49,54″]

Server Changelog beta7:

– minor tcp stack improvements
+ added permission log entries for changing default groups
! updated to sqlite 3.6.21

Client Changelog beta7:

* In the virtualserver edit dialog, show a warning when selecting a permanent
server or channel group as default, as this will remove all users from the
– Fixed bug with empty serverquery tree items
* Support PHP banner URLs like for example:
– Fixed warn-while-muted setting not loading from config on application start
– Disable autoreconnect on invalid password error to avoid ending in an
infinite reconnect loop
– ServerQuery can no longer take over a chattab, when clientID of the queryclient
matches the clientID of a recently gone chatpartner. (wip!)
– Fixed bad mirrors.ini

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